Team Coaching

A Team is a group of interdependent entities with a common focus or identity. Hopefully.

The consequences for the business when the LT is not aligned include employee turnover, drop in performance, or project failure.

Beyond functional capabilities, Relationship System Intelligence (RSI) is the ability to work skillfully with all levels of the relationship system: self, other, and group or team.

Based on the work of Daniel Goleman (Emotional Intelligence), the team coaching helps our customers to:


→ Create a greater awareness of one’s internal experience of the system (or team)

→ Improve empathic understanding of others by learning to see things through another perspective

→ Provide tools for more effective communication, including conflict resolution & strategy alignment

We structure our processes as follows:


→ Kick Off session to set the objectives.

→ Shadowing of the team in action (meeting, conflict management, decision making, etc..).

→ Optional – yet recommended – use and debrief a psychometric tool (DISC, Motivators, Leadership Circle, 360).

→ Validation of workshop’s focus with the team based on system characteristics.

→ Delivery (number of workshop depends on the diagnostic).

→ Evaluation and closing.

Our Tools

Certified by ORSC (Organization and Relationship Systems Coaching), we use a wide range of tools based on Relationship Systems Coaching theory, depending on the diagnostic established with the team.

We work with the most solid team dynamics frameworks and models, applied at the light of custom-made team diagnostics

We provide high-impact Qlareti sessions, revealing and aligning the mindset gaps among the team. 

We support team individuals with executive coaching when required.

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