In the corporate world we observe a correlation between the company size and the maturity of its Talent and Performance Management.
Why would you wait to have thousands of employees to make sure that your performance management actually drives performance and engagement? Or to find out that your top talents are actually looking for an opportunity outside?


If you invest time and money in recruiting the best talents, why not make sure your Talent Management strategy and processes are actually driving the right mindset and culture? 


Even if those answers seem obvious, building a growth mindset in an organization is a combination of factors that requires expertise and momentum. 

At People Growth, we help you set up the foundation of your performance culture:

An organization's ability to learn, and translate that learning into action rapidly, is the ultimate competitive advantage.
Jack Welsh, former CEO of GE

Goal alignment and OKRs

We all know it: a tremendous part of success is about focusing on the right goals, and being aligned as one team. OKRs from top to bottom ensure that your team is focused, and everybody is able to answer the question “how am I contributing?”.
We will help you implement or improve your OKR strategy:

Company OKRs definition, directly derivative from the company Mission and Vision
– Cascading to Team and Individual OKRs
– OKR mindset & communication plan: full transparency, focus, alignment, engagement and accountability.
– Establishing the right process: design, alignment and review process

Team Engagement

Engagement is at the very heart of the mission of People Growth.
Too many brilliant projects failing due to lack of engagement, we can’t leave the performance of our most valuable asset to chance.
We will back up our approach with the latest trends and research in Employee Engagement’s drivers in order to design the indicators and measurement process (communication plan, frequency, tool, result sharing, and action plan) that feel right for your culture.


Too often organizations are focused only on what they need to measure to set up their performance review cycle.
Truth is that what really matters is the impact of the whole performance process on the employee’s engagement and motivation to thrive, actually based on fairness.
At People Growth we will help you develop the right approach for your business, around the 3 pillars of successful performance reviews:
The right process: clear and consistent for all. A process taking into account the being (Behavior) and the doing (KPIs), capturing reliable input at different levels of the organization to create a picture as objective as possible, for all.
Quality interactions: structured interviews, clear expectations from the employee and the manager, timing embedded in the business calendar, as well as manager’s ability to deliver feedback and support development plans make all the difference.
Fair outcome: ensuring the decisions are homogenous and aligned with effort and impact, as well as with other employees from the same level is key for acceptance and engagement.

Talent Management

How to expect Talents to project themselves in an organization, to invest in their development if there is not clarity on the next opportunities, and the skills to acquire or develop to get there?
How to structure a relevant Performance review without observable and measurable behaviors set as expectations to meet?
We help you create your Career Path and Competency Framework in a manner that makes the output easy to understand and use for your HR teams, managers and individual contributors.


Developing your Talents is more strategic than ever: navigating the accelerated company transformation, anticipating market needs, or simply attracting and keeping the best talents. Especially for the new generation of workers, opportunities to develop is a must-have when talents benchmark the market.
We help you build the full L&D and development ecosystem:
Development Needs Analysis
Curriculum design, per role
Training plan execution
ROI measurement
Feedback and Coaching culture

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