Humans are complex and sensitive beings.
To thrive sustainably, we are looking for a subtle equation between Motivation, Skills or Talent and Role.
When those 3 overlap, then you have the skillful expression of your passion in an environment that values just that. Bliss.


So few of us have the privilege to mix work and passion in such a way that you can’t really tell when one stops and starts the other.

The greater the merging area, the more fulfillment and the highest performance:

You spend more time studying and sharpening your skills. You become excellent at it. Work becomes more and more joyful, and you reach even higher goals. Derivative more joy.

And again. And again.

This is the ideal picture.

Yet, we all know it is not that easy.
Changing scope of work might be difficult to accept. Or a new manager.

A challenging colleague to work with. Even a promotion can be problematic if you don’t deeply believe that you have the resources to succeed.


We call this concept “losing transparency”.
When a life event suddenly creates unease.


And this is when Coaching becomes a fantastic tool, helping to accelerate change and growth through life.

Coaching is a radically honest and safe space for human beings to:


→ Raise Self Awareness

→ Explore limiting and empowering beliefs

→ Develop a specific skill

→ Brainstorm to find concrete solutions to any given situation

→ Build an action plan, and get back in the driver seat

We structure our processes as follows:


→ Kick Off session to align process objectives and expectations

→ Shadowing in action (meeting, conflict management, decision making, etc..)

→ Optional – yet recommended – use and debrief a psychometric tool (DISC, Motivators, 360, etc…)

→ Process Delivery (number of sessions depends on the objectives)

→ Evaluation and closing

Our Tools

Even if the process structure is homogenous from one process to the other, the tools we will use will depend on the specific style and needs of each coachee.


  We use tools from Escuela Europea de Coaching (Ontological Coaching) as well as Co-Active Coaching (CTI), both ICF accredited.


√  We also use the most widely proven psychometric tools on the market: DISC, Motivators, Talent, 360.

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